Technical Consultancy

We focus on minimising risk and creating opportunities to maximise the value of our clients’ developments and properties.

Newtonwood is an independent construction and property consultancy working across a wide spectrum of the built environment. Our aim is to add value to our clients assets and development projects, by effectively employing our expertise and experience.

Quantity Surveying

Quantity surveying and cost management services are the fundamental starting blocks of Newtonwood Ltd and what we are today.  We have a rich history in cost management exercises in which we seek to provide our clients with realistic and accurate reports of important financial information.  We aim to provide detailed information which has been professionally produced and examined by our highly qualified team.  We present our clients with advice and recommendations throughout the project life cycle which aligns with their requirements and business objectives to best deliver an accurate and efficient service.  This in turn demonstrates value for money to the client as we value engineer the project at every level in order to keep budget costs down without compromising on quality.

Employers Agent & Contract Administration

Our experience in a variety of construction developments means that we understand that our clients have different requirements and objectives for each individual project.  We have the experience and detailed knowledge in order to work very closely with our clients in order to create a successful final product.  We pride ourselves on our efficiency and high levels of clear and effective communication which both help drive the projects forwards and maintain progress throughout the duration of the construction phase.  Newtonwood’s team of highly qualified and skilled professionals provide structured planning and involvement in our client’s projects in order to ensure the project’s are as successful as they can be.

Project Monitoring

Our project monitoring service incorporates a number of services which are employed in order to minimise risk for a client during the entire process.  Newtonwood understands that our clients and investors need to accurately and stringently police their projects to close off any risks that may occur during the project.  We take time to figure out what our client is looking for in a successful project and we tailor our services to match the ambitions of our clients.  With this information, they are able to make decisions based off of thoughtfully put together recommendations in order to proceed with what is best for their business.  We report our findings regularly and we believe that clear communication is essential to maintain an efficient system.

Whole Life Carbon Assessment

Newtonwood have worked on a number of projects with sustainability the focus.  We appreciate the importance for more carbon neutral developments in the United Kingdom, as well as globally.  RICS have developed their Whole Life Carbon Assessment document which aims to provide details on the impact of climate change and how it is affecting the built environment.  We at Newtonwood recognise this and we aim to provide a consultancy practice with this in mind, towards all of our projects.