Project Leadership

We focus on minimising risk and creating opportunities to maximise the value of our clients’ developments and property

Newtonwood is an independent construction and property consultancy working across a wide spectrum of the built environment. Our aim is to add value to our clients assets and development projects, by effectively employing our expertise and experience.

Project Management

Project manager’s are usually one of the first appointments on a project as they are heavily involved with a large variety of elements within a project.  Ultimately, they are integral to the successes of the whole project, on a wide scale.  We understand the importance of delivering projects on time, within budget and without comprising on quality.  This is a core fundamental to our business and is how we like to operate.   We enjoy a hands on approach to our projects and oversee the entire approach, from initial design to final finishes.

Newtonwood understands the importance of communication throughout the entire construction process and we endure to be as efficient as possible with our communication and recommendations.  We listen to our clients’ needs and requirements in order to provide the best possible advice for their project.


Programme Management

We believe accurate programming is key to the success of a project.  We encompass all aspects of the development from design conception to finishing details, into our programmes in order to present the most accurate and realistic results to our clients.  The reason for this is to provide an overview of the project as a whole in order to assess timescales.  This is to help secure procurement routes early on in the project to provide maximum efficiency to the client.  The coordination of a project is absolutely essential to a project’s success as it allows us to plan out where and when different trades are going to be situated at different times in the life span of the construction phase.  It is important to create a draft programme from the outset of a project in order to establish the approximate time scale of the construction.  This is then refined as the works progress and it is an important guide to ensure the project is finished on time and within budget.

Development Management

We take a whole approach to project delivery on behalf of the client who is then often able to focus on other aspects of their business or priorities. We report directly to the Client and assume control of the project team involving appointments, procurement, project finance and reporting.

As Development Managers, we work with clients and partners to deliver exemplar schemes, transforming communities and delivering significant returns for our investment partners. Our team has the skills, experience and networks to ensure the developments we work on are world class.

Construction Management

At Newtonwood, we have a team that is highly experienced in the construction management of a project.  We provide a clear and concise service in order for our client’s to achieve their goals efficiently.  We are experts in critical analysis and problem solving, so we can handle any challenge that is thrown our way.  We understand our clients wants and needs, and we always deliver excellent value.  We undertake the entire procurement process as a main contractor and create programmes of work in order to best maintain efficiency on the project.  We aim to provide the best value possible for our clients through the procurement process, and that involves seeking contractors who demonstrate a high level of competency at a competitive price.